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Why Buy From Adlers

Why Should You Buy From Adler's Jewelers?

Adler’s was established in 1909 and has been serving the St. Louis community since 1957. Adler’s has many satisfied clients across the United States. We pride ourselves on attention given to each individual no matter what your budget. We always try to keep the customers budget in mind and never try to up sell unless otherwise requested. We will sit down and educate you on various aspects of quality, show the different aspects of a diamond to you, and then let you be the judge.

Our large selection of loose diamonds allows clients to compare multiple diamonds which can be viewed side by side. This allows clients to see the characteristics of each individual diamond. Try and do that on the internet, hard to see the quality on a computer screen. The only way to learn about your preference is to see the diamonds and compare as many as you can. You can’t buy just based on a report! The right diamond will “speak” to you. We always tell our clients, “If you can’t see the difference, don’t spend your money”.  Keep in mind a lifetime guarantee, whether purchased or included in the price of the item, is only as good as long as the company is in business. These guarantees sound great, but read between the lines and understand that abuse and neglect are not covered; you will still need to insure it. This insurance will cover loss, theft, and damage. This is sound advice, and should be heeded.

Adler’s customers are the best advertisement. The reviews online speaks of customer service and values. We strive to improve that on a daily basis.  We don’t spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on advertising to tell you how low our prices are, how large our selection is, or that we buy direct. We show you! Compare apples to apples and you will see why we have been around for over a century. Any purchase made at Adler’s will have an appraisal done for replacement value. This is done at customer’s request.

Anyone selling a diamond or piece of jewelry should be able to supply you with an appraisal, if not, request one to be done by a trained individual for verification.